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Zebra-Capital Company is owned by Dr.F.Reyazat with a huge history of helping young’s and coming entrepreneurs, We are ready to invest in startup as well as existing businesses followed by different supports like coaching, human resources, social medias and etc.

About Us

Why you should choose us?

Zebra-Capital is a private investment company belong to Dr.F.Ryazat , We aim to invest in UK businesses not only startup but the existing ones.

We offer support services such as coaching human resourcing and social Medias other than investing.

We are happy to invest and provide support and guidance for young entrepreneurs as well as existing businesses.

We invest from 30% to 50% and provide support for your business in different aspects.

We assume undertake all investments and all of the support functions including

  • Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Information Technology

And any other relevant…. That provides you to have more concentration to focus on main issues which is nothing except growing your business and moving towards greater success.

Do great work
with great people

Find the best investor for your either existing or start up business, we are ready to offer you the same.

Our Clients

Below are some of our major clients that we are proud to co-operate with them during these years

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