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Market activity

S&P 500 Index
2,109.99    June 22, 2015
Composite Index
Net Change
% Change

Dow Jones Industrial Average   18,015.95

NASDAQ Composite   5,117.00

Financing Real Economy

Risk Management

Zebra capital takes a holistic approach to risk management, which we define as the process of identifying intended and unintended risks and making informed decisions based on these risks.

Zebra capital's Investment Risk Management Team is an international collaboration and operates independently of portfolio management teams. The team provides risk management services for all portfolios under the Zebra capital umbrella. The Investment Risk Management Team has been an integral part of Zebra capital’s organisation, and senior members of the team possess over 100 years of combined experience. As the Investment Risk Management Team functions independently within the firm, it is considered a front-office function, whereby many other asset management firms treat risk management as a middle- or back-office function.

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