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Investment Bulletin

In Zebra capital we build up a platform of like-minded individuals who have all been involved in either owning or investing in businesses. We are seasoned practitioners who know what it takes to start, manage, raise funding for, grow and sell businesses. We know what investors like and don’t like: our expertise lies in determining how best to prepare, value and present a company for investment; and then raise finance for real businesses.

Our investor networks continue to grow, currently comprising a proprietary database of around 1,000 high net worth individuals; We know a great deal about the individual cheque writers and their investment interests and criteria. Much of our activity revolves around development capital, but there is also investor demand for quality MBO, MBI and pre-IPO opportunities.

Our investor clients (many of whom themselves are cashed-up entrepreneurs and therefore able to assist with wider business development in addition to providing funding) invest directly in the fund raising company, thus their interests are directly aligned.

As important, the timescales to which we work are kept very short: from engagement to payment of proceeds, is typically a matter of few weeks.

We introduce the wide range of opportunities to invest in real businesses.

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