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Market activity

S&P 500 Index
2,109.99    June 22, 2015
Composite Index
Net Change
% Change

Dow Jones Industrial Average   18,015.95

NASDAQ Composite   5,117.00

Financing Real Economy

Investment Approach

We invest in quality and value, knowing that the best in class often offers the highest return. The market may fluctuate, but over the long-term, our disciplined approach has resulted in growth and stability for our clients. With more than 20 experience in investments, our clients know the results are proven and independently.

Over years Zebra capital has remained a trusted advisor to investment companies, financial institutions, financial advisors, and individuals around the world.

Our clients are discerning, and seek high-quality and versatile investment solutions; we provide an array of strategies to meet their diverse objectives.

Our investment professionals operate independently and collaborate globally, vetting our best ideas through rigorous analysis to deliver the return patterns our clients expect.

Zebra capital prides itself on its range investment strategies. We believe that through our diverse product range we can accommodate our clients’ risk and return needs. Our essential tools for thriving in every asset class and region remain experience, discipline, flexibility and a global reach.

Portfolio managers/analysts at Zebra capital benefit from their peers, and this team approach also benefits the clients who receive the wealth of the firm’s expertise, not that of a single star manager. We believe our investment approach offers two distinct advantages:

  • • A team-based approach helping to deliver robust and consistent performance over time
  • • Combines intelligent, proprietary research and highly disciplined investment management

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