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S&P 500 Index
2,109.99    June 22, 2015
Composite Index
Net Change
% Change

Dow Jones Industrial Average   18,015.95

NASDAQ Composite   5,117.00

Financing Real Economy

Connecting the Real Economy

The real economy consists of firms, households and other agencies engaged in the production of goods and services which can either be consumed now or put to use with a view to producing more in the future. Economic activity is conceptualized as real because real resources are applied to produce something which people can buy and use. The financial system is mainly concerned either with moving funds around so that those who wish to buy can do so, or helping people to exchange ownership of the productive resources. The activities of the real economy are essential to life. The real economy produces food, heating, lighting, consumer goods and entertainment, among other activities. The job of the financial system is to facilitate that by making sure that funds are available when and where they are wanted.

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