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Market activity

S&P 500 Index
2,109.99    June 22, 2015
Composite Index
Net Change
% Change

Dow Jones Industrial Average   18,015.95

NASDAQ Composite   5,117.00

Financing Real Economy

About Zebra capital

Founded in 2007, Zebra capital provides independent investment counsel & domestic strategies in emerging markets. The primary focus is equity-oriented investment. Our team of financial experts adheres to a disciplined approach that yields trusted result.

Zebra capital offer investment strategies investing in global, emerging and frontier markets spanning the equity, multi-asset and alternative asset classes. We proudly provide investment management and advisory services to institutional clients, private clients and investment vehicles around the world. We invest in a wide selection of equity, and alternative investments with the goal of producing superior risk-adjusted investment returns and providing investment solutions customised for our clients.

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